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Sunflower Fields 4 Drawer Dresser

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This vintage dresser is a stunning piece of furniture that captures the essence of a sunflower field in bloom. The dresser is made of solid wood and features a beautiful metallic paint finish that adds to its charm and character. The original hardware, including the drawer pulls and knobs, are still intact, adding to its vintage appeal.

The dresser has four generously sized drawers, each one functioning smoothly and with ease. 

The front of the dresser is painted in a soft cream tone with sunflowers peaking out and the bottom 2 drawers have a stunning sunflower field applied to them.  The warm tones of yellow and gold of the sunflowers contrasting beautifully against the painted surfaces of the dresser. 

The sides of the dresser are painted with a deep chocolate brown and stormy blue technique that compliments the piece and adds to its overall charm. This vintage dresser is a stunning addition to any room, providing both functionality and beauty. It is a unique and one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to be cherished for years to come.

Height 43”

Width 30”

Depth 16.5”