• Let's have some FUN!!

    We are going to have some FUN here and whether you are looking for a piece to add some color and Whimsy to your home or you are looking to learn a few tricks of the trade - I've got you covered!!

    Join the Mailing List to keep up to date on all the FUN to come!!

    There will be some inperson classes available. An OnLine course is being developed.

  • Road Trip Buddy

    Yes I drive a van... it makes life so much easier. But occasionally I end up with a stow away after loading or unloading!!!

    This guy is a regular!! Makes himself right at home and I almost left the yard with him just sitting there enjoying the UBER ride... LOL

  • Need help customizing a piece?

    You might be at the Lake with a glass of wine and your favourite book in hand. But that doesn't mean the space can't have some punch!!

    Indoor fireworks anyone??

    Have a piece that you know would be amazing if it was just updated?

    Shoot me a message and we can discuss Custom jobs!!

    Or check out the Frenchic Paint line - amazing product for any project if you want to try your hand at it!!

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