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I’m Late! Alice inspired blanket box or toy chest

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This blanket chest or toy box is a truly enchanting piece that has been transformed into a work of art with an Alice in Wonderland inspired design. The exterior has been repainted in a unique style that features colorful and whimsical patterns and imagery, capturing the playful and imaginative spirit of Lewis Carroll's classic tale.

The lid of the chest is particularly noteworthy, with a hand-painted Cheshire Cat grinning mischievously at whoever opens it. The interior of the lid is a perfect canvas for this design and adds an unexpected touch of whimsy to the piece.

The blanket chest or toy box is both functional and decorative, offering ample storage space for your belongings while also making a bold and striking statement in any room. It would make a perfect addition to a child's bedroom or playroom, inspiring imaginative play and creativity.

The chest is also a testament to the power of art to transform everyday objects into something extraordinary. The Alice in Wonderland inspired design is a testament to the limitless potential of creativity, and the chest itself is a beautiful and unique piece that will delight and inspire all who see it.

Overall, this blanket chest or toy box is a playful and imaginative work of art that is sure to bring joy and wonder to any space it inhabits.

Height 25”

Width 42” 

Depth 19”